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Thieves hitting wedding receptions

Thefts are being investigated at Emerald at Queensridge. (Courtesy: Emerald at Queensridge)"I opened the card and opened the money, and I showed her there was $200 in there. She "Anadrol 50" started crying instantly. I said, wrong? She said, gave you $500, Sepone said.Sepone discovered several of her wedding cards had been opened and tampered with."I had to make the really embarrassing phone calls to people saying, I noticed some stuff was missing. How much Turinabol Roid Plus was in your envelope? Sepone said.Sepone said $780 was missing. She filed a police report and contacted Emerald at Queensridge.Sepone soon found other brides had similar situations.The Quimsons got married at the venue in March. They discovered cards were taken from their card box after their thank you notes were sent out."We started receiving phone calls from a couple of guests wondering, didn specifically mention the card with the cash. Did you ever receive it? Jennifer Quimson said.After having some embarrassing conversations, the Quimsons discovered $550 in cash and gift cards were missing."It was really embarrassing, and we were kind of angry and upset," Quimson "Anadrol 50" said.The brides believe employees were stealing from them while they were celebrating their big days.FOX5 spoke with the general manager of Emerald at Queensridge who said they investigating five cases. We asked if they would reimburse the couples."I feel for the brides, but we are no way in responsible for the claims or the money that lost," Kenneth Kimble said.Kimble said they questioned their staff, and everyone "Anaboliset Aineet" denied involvement.The brides said that not enough, especially considering the way more than $10,000 price tag that came with having a wedding there in the first place."He needs to find out who it is on his staff. File an insurance claim and do what he needs to do to get our money back," Sepone said.Kimble said they are working to make sure this won happen "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" again. They Tren Delantero Ford F100 72 adding surveillance cameras to certain spots where people come and go and adding safes to the rooms.Kimble said he heard of this same thing happening at many other venues as "4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone Ireland" well, so it best for all wedding parties to be proactive and assign someone to Winstrol Quema Grasa watch their gifts and cards until they in a safe place.

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